Republican presidential nominee Donald

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gives two thumbs up near the conclusion of his speech during his rally at the Collier County Fairgrounds on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016, in Golden Gate Estates.(Photo: Luke Franke/Naples Daily News)WASHINGTON The Democratic strategist who helped guide Barack Obama to victory in Florida eight years ago believes Hillary Clinton lost the Sunshine State thanks to a last minute surge much of it in the I 4 corridor that turned the tide in Donald Trump’s favor.With slightly more than two thirds of Florida’s vote cast before Election Day, Clinton had built a commanding lead of some 247,000 votes, according to a recent analysis by Steve Schale, a Tallahassee based political consultant who managed Obama’s 2008 campaign in Florida.pandora earrings But Trump more than made up the difference on Election Day, amassing a 360,000 vote lead on his way to capturing the state. Trump won Florida by nearly 113,00 votes.»Almost everything was landing right on target for her to win,» said Schale.

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pandora essence And Adamek said the WKS are thrilled for the opportunity to be a part of it.»We are hoping to make a bit of an impact,» he said.Along with Adamek and Ade, WKS features Sacia Jerome on cello and backup vocals, Roger Gower on percussion, John Kulas on bass and Theodore Koth on lead guitar, banjo and backup vocals.Their music is created in a collaborative process that seems to happen naturally, perhaps because of the band members’ mutual respect for one another, said Ade. All of them have played with other area bands, and while this grouping is new, some members have known each other through the regional music scene for many years. In addition to their songwriting talents, each member brings other musical gifts that add up to what Adamek described as a «pretty special mix.»»We are like family, in that we care about each other,» Ade said pandora essence.

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