The castIn the film Carmen Maura

The castIn the film Carmen Maura gives an unforgettable performance as Pepa. In her luminous close ups we see both her desperation and her strength. cheap oakley sunglasses Almodvar acknowledges Maura as his muse, saying he enjoyed her performance so much in The Law of Desire, his previous feature, that he decided to make Women on the Verge «an overdose of Carmen Maura».

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cheap oakley sunglasses Another big factor in Southampton’s extraordinary season an eighth place finish in the Premiership and into Europe has been the 24 goals of James Beattie. «This year we have believed in ourselves but the big difference has been James,» Oakley says. «The ability has always been there and this year he has believed that he will be at the top of that league, scoring all the goals cheap oakley sunglasses.

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